Artist Blends Humans With Nature In Beautifully-Surreal Portrait Series

Antonio Mora will even turn your image into a dreamy, personalized portrait.

Spain-based artist Antonio Mora (aka mylovt) describes his artwork as "cocktails," amalgams of images found on blogs, databases, and magazines, fused seamlessly into the types of imagery that could only come from a serious lucid dreamer. Whether it's a forest melting into a woman's face, or someone's hair exploding into a slash of water, the dreamy portraits are tough to get out of your head. 

Mora writes on his website that his "originality takes root in the merger, in finding combinations that leave in the palate of our conscience flavors of evocation and mystery." The bodies-in-nature images contain the type of unsettling-yet-tranquil beauty that would make a variety of fashion directors lick their lips. 

Unlike a typical fashion photographer, though, Mora offers anyone the chance to have their own portrait manipulated into surreal forms. If you send a photo of yourself and write something about your personality, the artist will send over a personalized dream portrait in just a few days.

The human/creatures he makes are the beings we see in the depths of our REM cycle, but unfortunately slip out of our mind's eye as we wake in groggy disappointment. Now we have a chance to capture those hypnagogic inklings from the abyss of our ids. See some of his work below, visit his website, and consider the chance to frame what wanders in your head at night. 

h/t MyModernMet


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