Pogo's New Video Remixes Disney's Damsels In Distress

Pogo's back with "The Trouble," an all-new remix dedicated to the debacles of Disney's daring heroines.

Pogo, the patron saint of pop culture remixes of classic movies and TV shows, is back with a new track, "The Trouble," a groovin' three-minute ode to all the sticky situations in which Disney's heroines always seem to find themselves.

Taking its name from the oft-quoted Alice in Wonderland lyrics, "I give myself very good advice but I very seldom follow it—that explains the trouble that I'm always in," the song (and accompanying video by fellow YouTube remixer, Jeesh) features clips from AladdinAlice in WonderlandDumboMary PoppinsThe Little Mermaid, and Peter Pan. With its lazily-drifting grooves and familiar vocal samples, this tune took me right back down the rabbit hole that is the Pogo YouTube playlist—that explains the trouble (with my bosses) that I'm always in. 

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